Xtraview installations are two decoders linked to one another. It allows a second viewing point to watch its own channels independently from the fist decoder, at the cost of a relatively small access fee.

Dstv Explora

The performance of your DStv decoder is directly related to the quality of the installation, including the use of approved equipment and correct alignment of the satellite dish.

The recommended installation for the DStv Explora is an 80cm satellite dish together with a DStv Smart LNB. The DStv Explora can also be connected to the internet for more DStv Catch Up, Remote Recordings and access to ShowMax.

Dstv Explora

The Explora Decoder is such a superior decoder compared with all others.

Install New Version Of DSTV

There is a newer version of this one, the Explora 2, they differ in size .


Explora 2

The Explora 2 is slimmer with a fancy remote control, nevertheless all functions are the same.

New Smart LNB

Before the introduction of the Smart LNB,installations of the Explora involve the same satellite dish setup as the HD 2 P ( Twin lnb, 2 cables to decoder), but it comes with a special multiswitch to convert the two LNB signals from the dish to the single cable input required by the Explora ( this input is known as a SAT-CR input or unicable input)

Storage Space

It has triple the storage space than the previous PVR decoders, allowing 220 hrs of personal recorded content, more DSTV Catchup and Box Office, and more series recordings. The numbers of clients moving to the Explora has been quite phenomenal since its release a few years ago. The installation of the HD decoders is more prone to setup errors than the standard decoders, with the possible misfunctioning of the geat features provided, so it is recommended by DSTV that you locate an accredited installer in your area to attend to your installation.

Get The DSTV Explora Installed Instantly

We, at Install DSTV, are professionals and we will install your DSTV explora within a matter of minutes. Our work around Johannesburg has given us the much needed experience to install DSTV as quick and as effective as possible.